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Car Wash & Laundromat

60 24th St. NW, Portage la Prairie, MB
Call: (204) 239-1481

Car Wash & Laundromat

60 24th St. NW, Portage la Prairie, MB
Call: (204) 239-1481

Car Wash & Laundromat

60 24th St. NW, Portage la Prairie, MB
Call: (204) 239-1481

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Plains City Wash Stop

60 24th St. NW
Portage la Prairie, MB
R1N 0G5


Monday – Sunday
Laundromat – 9:00am – 7:45pm
Car Wash 8am – 8pm
Last vehicle entry at 7:30pm
Stats 8am – 5pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I wash my vehicle at Plains City Wash Stop and not at home?


  1. Chemistry. We use only softened RO quality hot water, combined with high pump pressure and top of the line PMP (pretty much perfect) soaps/chemical products to simply get you a better wash.
  2. Environment. Our car wash waste water goes into our own pit settling system before entering the city sewer system and subsequent treatment plant. Driveway washing effluent goes directly into the city storm drain system untreated before eventually discharging into nearby lakes and rivers.
  3. Water savings. We use high pressure water spray with 5 gal per minute SS nozzles, while the average garden hose uses water at a rate of 10 gals per minute. After 4 minutes with the garden hose running, you have already used more water than the typical car wash.

Q. Where are you located?

A. We are conveniently located in the west end of Portage la Prairie on the north side of Saskatchewan Ave between Rona and Walmart. Our physical address is 60 24th St NW

Q. What is the Plains City Wash Stop?

A. We are a 9 bay self-serve car/truck wash facility and one of the largest self-serve laundromats in the province all under one roof.

Q. Do you offer dry cleaning?

A. No

Q. Do you offer laundry drop off service?

A. Yes. The cost for this service is determined by weight in lbs and there is a minimum $25 charge for 15lbs or less. This service is prepaid and cash only at this time.

Q. Can I get change on site?

A. Yes. We have both a coin exchange machine for bills (5’s, 10’s or 20’s) and an ATM. Our friendly staff can also provide change if required.

Q. Do you sell laundry supplies?

A. Yes. We offer Tide powdered detergent, Oxy, liquid bleach, liquid fabric softener and scented/unscented bounce sheets etc.

Q. Do you use reclaimed or recycled water?

A. No. We only use FRESH softened RO quality water for all your washing needs.

Q. Can I bring my own carwash cleaning products to use?

A. No. See Rules.

Q. Why do the car wash wands spray without pulling the trigger?

A. This feature is called a weeping wand and when a wash cycle is active, the wand will continually put out a low-pressure spray. This allows customers to wash certain areas of their vehicles such as door sills and engine bays with greater ease. Pulling the trigger will give you the higher pressure required for general vehicle washing.

Q. What forms of payment options do you accept in the wash bays?

A. You can use loonies and toonies. Credit cards Visa, Mastercard or Amex, Debit Interac, Apple pay, Google pay and any prepaid/post pay Plains City Wash Stop wash cards.

Q. Do you offer prepaid gift/wash cards?

A. Yes. We offer the prepaid and reloadable wash card option as part of our loyalty rewards program where you can save up to 10% on your car/truck washes. Ask staff how to become a member and join now.

Q. What does insert $2 to start imply on the screen?

A. You are required to insert a minimum $2 value (2 loonies or 1 toonie) before the timer will start and you receive the full two dollar time value. The timer display will count downward and begin to beep with approx. 20 secs remaining so you can add additional coins and not let the timer stop. However, once the timer hits 0:00, you will need to insert another $2 to restart and continue your wash.

Q. What is the $19.99 charge on my credit card?

A. This is the Exacta systems automatic pre-authorization amount and depending on your credit card provider, most charges are credited back at the end of the same day when the batch clears. This is not a billable amount because the Exacta Bay Master system only counts up in 25 cent increments. Ie: $19.75 or $20.00

Q. How long do the credit cards and wash cards run in the wash bays?

A. The timers are set to a maximum $20 value. If you require more time to complete your wash, then you have to re-swipe or re-tap the card again.

Q. How do I use my credit/debit card in the bays?

A. Credit card and Interac Instructions are clearly posted in each bay 1) swipe/tap your card, 2) select your wash option and begin washing, 3) when finished washing, press the red STOP button on the keypad to end the transaction. Turning the selection dial to OFF does not end the credit card transaction.

Q. What happens if I forget to end the credit card, interac, wash card etc. transaction in the bay?

A. The bay will time out at the max $20.00 value. If staff see an empty bay with the timer still counting up, they will hit the STOP button for you.

Q. Can I get a wash receipt after I finish washing my vehicle?

A. Yes. If you used your credit/debit card, there is a receipt printer located inside and you simply re-swipe your card and follow the onscreen prompts. Staff can also manually write a receipt if required for other forms of payment. Getting a printed receipt also acts as a fail safe by turning off your bay timer if you forgot to press the red STOP button..

Q. What does OFF signify on the wash option selector dial?

A. The OFF selection shuts the wash equipment down and prevents them from running continuously. Turning the selection dial to OFF does not stop a credit card or wash card transaction.

Q. Do you offer post pay wash card accounts with monthly invoices?

A. Yes. Please contact the owner on site for details.

Q. Do you offer interior vehicle detailing?

A. No. Not at this time.

Q. Do you have rules in the car and truck wash?

A. Yes.

  1. vehicles are only to be washed with the equipment and products provided
  2. NO hand or bucket washing with rags, brushes, sponges etc.
  3. restricted 5-minute hand drying time when bays are full
  4. during mild weather drying must be done outside
  5. Absolutely NO repair work of any kind allowed.

Q. Do you have the spot free rinse wash option?

A. No. However, spot free rinse is defined as water with less than 20ppm hardness and since our softening system is almost zero hardness, we can offer you spot free rinse QUALITY water for all your washing needs.

Q. Do you adjust your times depending on traffic flow or seasons?

A. No, we do not. Like any business we review our prices occasionally as the input costs like wages, taxes, utilities and supplies increase. We limit the increase to once per year, if at all.

Q. What are the Pre-soak & Bug Prep wash options?

A. These two products both have a very high alkaline PH formulation which is suitable for helping dissolve organics such as bugs, road films and oils. It is applied on the vehicle at low pressure and the longer dwell time allowed, the better the product performs.

Q. What are the Tire & Wheel Cleaner & Engine De-greaser wash options?

A. These two products also both have a very high alkaline ph formulation which is suitable for helping dissolve road film, brake dust, engine grease/oils etc.

Q. What is Turtle Ice Wax?

A. This is Turtle Wax’s instant shine product and is a scientifically engineered polymer versus a wax. It has very high hydrophobic properties and chemically bonds to the vehicles exterior surface increasing water beading thereby making future cleaning easier. The product is applied at low pressure and MUST BE rinsed off to help remove any excess product.

Q. What is the Turtle Wax Hard Shell ceramic wash option?

A. This Turtle Wax’s hard shell ceramic sealant with nano technology and is the next step in total protection from the elements. It has a hydrophobic affect (water repelling) and the ability to form a physical bond with the vehicles surface. The dirt sticks to the ceramic film and not the paint. The product is applied with high pressure and any excess product should be rinsed off.

Q. How can I help avoid frozen doors in winter?

A. We offer the Air Shammee II high powered air dryers with the red hoses and handheld trigger guns, for all the inside wash bays. They do an excellent job of blowing moisture out of mirrors, locks and door handles. They can also be used to blow moisture from along your door gaskets and sills or to dry down your entire vehicle if you prefer having no swirl marks from wiping. Works best with the Turtle Ice Wax applied beforehand.

Q. Do you have vacuums on site?

A. Yes. We offer a vacuum selection at each inside wash bay and two outdoor seasonal vacuums located after exiting the car wash.

Q. Can I wash larger vehicles and trailers at your site?

A. Yes. There is an outside bay available to wash the larger vehicles, trailers, boats, ATV’s etc. This bay operates 24/7 when the night time temps are above zero degrees Celcius. It does not however offer the vacuum, air dryer or foam brush options at this time.

Q. What is a frictionless car wash?

A. It is a car wash where only high pressure water and chemistry is utilized to clean a vehicle. Nothing physical touches the vehicle. However, it should be noted that at some point any frictionless car washing requires some friction cleaning action ie: the foamy brush.

Q. My car has developed a film, is the foam brush a good option?

A. Yes.

  1. Wash the excess dirt from your vehicle first to prevent it from being rubbed in to the vehicle surface and the foamy brush
  2. select the foam brush option, check the brush for cleanliness and use the rubbing friction action to remove any film buildup. (as an alternative after washing the vehicle, apply the presoak before using the foam brush AND benefit from both options simultaneously).

Q. What is the best way to wash my car?

A. Today’s car washing is more than just soap, rinse, wax and wiping dry. With the new modern car wash chemistry available, you should take advantage of these products. I personally have the best results with the following wash options.

  1. select the low-pressure presoak and apply it to the entire vehicle paying special attention to the dirtiest areas such as grills and hoods due to bugs. Dwell time is important to allow the presoak to work its magic.
  2. select the high pressure soap and proceed to wash the vehicle from the bottom up, thereby allowing you to cut a visible clean line through the presoak. This presoak/soap combo under high pressure creates a greater soapy wash experience allowing the water to be “wetter”.
  3. select rinse to rinse away the soapy detergents before applying a protectant.
  4. select the Turtle Ice Wax and apply under low pressure to entire vehicle. 5) select rinse again to remove any excess Ice Wax and also better evenly spread the polymer on the vehicle. There is a “WOW” factor as the high hydrophobic properties instantly repel water from the vehicle surface.
  5. select air shammee II to blow dry the vehicle surface. At minimum you should wipe down the vehicle to remove any remaining water droplets.