OFF selection

Selecting OFF simply shuts all the wash equipment down to prevent it from running continuously in the wash bay. Turning the dial to OFF however Does Not STOP a credit, debit or loyalty wash card transaction.

STOP button

Pushing the STOP sign button ends any credit, debit or loyalty wash card transaction in the respective wash bay.


Plains City Wash Stop offers their customers 8 large indoor self-serve wash bays and 1 outside seasonal wash bay to perform all their car & truck washing requirements year round.

There are multiple payment options available in the wash bays.

  • the EXACTA Baymaster’s accept swipe credit cards MC & Visa, loonie & toonie coins & TAP debit, MC, Visa options.
  • We offer post pay commercial account wash cards
  • We offer prepaid LOYALTY REWARDS wash cards. Contact us to find out how YOU can save up to 10% on your washes.

There is a 12 position rotary switch with 11 wash options available and the OFF selection (to turn off the pumps etc.)

  • Soap. This is a HIGH pressure application using a premium powdered ph neutral PMP detergent (pretty much perfect)
  • Rinse. This is a HIGH pressure application using only softened, hot and spot free quality rinse water
  • Ceramic hard shell wax. This is a HIGH pressure application, with a light green color that smells like watermelons. Must be rinsed off, which aids in dispersing it more evenly and removing excess product. Bonds to the vehicle paint to form a hard smooth protective barrier with increased shine.
  • Air dry. AIR SHAMMEE II provides a high volume of indirectly heated air through a hand held nozzle to help dry your vehicle. Also great for mirrors, rubber door gaskets, frozen door locks & power windows etc.
  • Vacuum. These are dry vacs only and any excess litter must be picked up prior to use to avoid unnecessary plugging.
  • Engine degreaser. This is a LOW pressure application with a high PH formulation to quickly break down grease, oils and road film. Vibrant green in color and smells like Pine trees.
  • Wheel & Tire. This is a LOW pressure application, using a high PH formulation to quickly break down brake dust and clean wheels. Vibrant green color and smells like Pine trees.
  • Pre-Soak. This is a LOW pressure application using a low PH formulation to quickly dissolve road film and organics. Orange in color with no smell.
  • Bug remover. This is a LOW pressure application using a low PH formulation to quickly soften and dissolve bug residue. Orange in color with no smell.
  • Foam Brush. This is a high foaming detergent with superior lubricity to help remove road film used in conjunction with the natural, soft hogs hair foam brush. Several vibrant colors and scents used, currently light blue in color and smells like bubble gum.
  • ICE wax. This is LOW pressure application using a polymer formulation that is highly hydrophobic (water repelling) Must be rinsed off, which aids in dispersing it more evenly and removing excess product. Highly visible water repelling action.


Note: low PH PRE-Soak available for $2 charge. Ask attendant to apply.

The inside lobby and till area offers a selection of cleaning products to help keep your vehicle dry, clean and smelling great. We offer one of the largest selections of Little Tree air fresheners, microfiber towels, armorall products, glass cleaner and lock de-icer for sale.



Plain City Wash Stop’s self-serve coin operated laundromat is one of the largest in the province of Manitoba and services the Portage la Prairie & surrounding communities. We use only commercial front load Wascomat machines in various sizes for your washing needs and commercial Huebsch gas fired dryers to dry your clothes.

Unfortunately, at this time we do not allow any pet related items to be washed due to allergy concerns.

We also do not allow washing of area rugs, bath mats, feather pillows etc. We do offer customers the option to hang the mats in the wash bays to pressure wash them clean and then take them home to hang dry.

Laundry that is left behind by a customer for any reason is considered abandoned property. It will be stored for 7 days at $2 per day, plus any additional laundry costs. After 7 days it will be disposed of.

Wascomat washers are available in 20, 30 & 50 lb capacities

20 lb capacity = $5

30 lb capacity = $8

50 lb capacity = $12

Huebsch dryers are available 30 & 50 lb capacities

30 lb set @ $.25 for 4 minutes dry time

50 lb set @ $.25 for 3 minutes dry time

In case you accidentally forgot your detergent or fabric softener, we can provide for your washing needs. We sell only quality laundry wash products such as Tide powdered detergent, scented & unscented bounce sheets, liquid fabric softener, bleach, Oxy stain remover and blue bags.


Plains City Wash Stop Laundromat offers a convenient laundry drop off service in the event you do not have the time to do your own laundry. We provide all the necessary laundry products to wash, dry and fold your clothes.

There is a minimum charge of $25 plus taxes ($28) for 15lbs of laundry or less. Additional laundry rate is $1.75 per lb plus taxes.

Comforters – $25 plus taxes for the first, and $20 plus taxes for each additional.


Transfer – customer laundry transferred from washer to a dryer @ $2.50 per small 20 lb washer, $5 per 30 lb washer and $7.50 per 50 lb washer.

Fold – customer laundry is removed from dryer, then folded before being placed in blue bag. $5 per small 20 lb washer, $10 per 30 lb washer and $15 per 50 lb washer.

Plains City Wash Stop offers customers another cleaning option by utilizing the Fresh Gear Cyclone Ozonator to effectively deodorize, disinfect and destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi, allergens and odor causing agents found in items that are not ordinarily washable. Items would include a variety of sports gear, tactical wear, hunting gear etc. It is also effective in removing the smoke smell in clothing or garments.

Ozone is produced in the Ozonator cabinet by moving air past a UV lamp which causes the oxygen (O2) to become ozone (O3) which then rapidly oxidizes any odors, bacteria or viruses upon contact. The ozone is circulated in the cabinet by fans and distributed through perforated piping to get directly inside items. When all the offending contaminants are oxidized, the remaining unstable Ozone simply reverts back to Oxygen again.

Q&A section

What is ozone? Ozone is sometimes called activated oxygen with 3 atoms of O2 instead of 2 atoms in the oxygen we breath and can be found as a naturally occurring gas in the upper atmosphere. It is often used as a safe (FDA approved) but very powerful disinfectant, 3000 times faster than bleach. It effectively deodorizes, disinfects and destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi, allergens and other odor causing agents it comes in contact with.

How does ozone destroy bacteria?

In the computer models shown, we can see how Ozone works. This is a close up of a bacteria cell (1). Ozone, shown in green, comes in contact with the bacteria (2). Ozone penetrates the bacterial cell wall (3), forming a hole in the bacterial wall (4). Multiple molecules of Ozone create a series of holes in the bacteria (5). This leads to the cell lysing and subsequent destruction of the bacterial cell (6). Ozonation does not allow the bacteria to mutate.

How long does ozone last? Ozone generated is used up by rapidly oxidizing any bacteria, fungi, allergens and other odor causing agents that it comes in contact with in the cabinet. Therefore, residual ozone while very powerful doesn’t last long and reverts back to oxygen.

Will the odor come back? No, the ozone will rapidly oxidize the source of the odor. However, in the case of mildew the odor will return if you cannot eliminate the source of the moisture that is the source of the mildew.

How does ozone handle tobacco smoke? It oxidizes the invisible phenol gases found in tobacco smoke. It is those phenol gases that cause such discomfort to the eyes and create those offensive odors.

Will ozone remove stains and/or nicotine build-up? No, ozone will not remove stains or nicotine buildup. Ozone will deodorize and help to decontaminate the problem but will not remove the actual substance.